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Unique blends, exquisite charcoal enhanced flavours

Re-writing the tradition of Turkish cuisine

Under the personal supervision of Rasit Yaman himself, a harmony of sweet, sour and spicy, emerges bringing years of knowledge and experience on every dish, ensuring that every one of our guests enjoys the authentic Turkish dining experience. Respecting tradition and authenticity, we aim for fresh, sustainable and locally sourced wherever possible ingredients, at Meze we understand that the greatest dishes always start with the finest ingredients.

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What makes a good chef the best in the world?
Passion, perhaps



Head Chef

Istambul born Suleyman was always interested in what was going on in the kitchen and was inspired by hearty traditional comfort food from the north of Turkey. Suleyman brings to Meze Chester inspiration and enthusiasm to his Chef brigade. He is passionate about developing the younger chefs to discover their own talents in the same way that he was encouraged, whilst having fun with food and works with the best suppliers to bring fresh food to table. Even though we have a full repertoire of dishes he is always looking to push the boundaries for creating dishes, recipes and telling the story of the food as well as the presentation.

Bogdan Balan

Bogdan Balan

Sous Chef

Bogdan brings years of knowledge and experience under the personal supervision of Rasit Yaman himself, our spice master. He is the driving force at Meze, ensuring that every dish is the reflection of Rasit Yaman’s vision of traditional Turkish cuisine.